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My name is Coach Kevin Kearns.  I was not always a high level strength and conditioning coach for UFC fighters. I was the kid that was ” Always Picked Last” . In 2013  I self published my anti bullying book after 5 years of work and many pitfalls. My  book ” Always Picked Last” is my story how I overcame losing my father to alcoholism when I was just 12 years old. I was already picked on and was the worst athlete in the neighborhood. After my father passed my world collapsed. My “friends ” relentlessly bullied me and harassed my mother. In 1979 , the same year my father passed, a close uncle talked me in to taking karate. We had very little money and he agreed to pay for half of the lessons. Little did in he know I fell in love with martial arts which began a 39 year journey.  From there I started lifting weights and began my second  journey. Little did I know I would go on to college for exercise physiology and turn a hobby, into a life style and into a 26 year career.

My book is about that journey. I wrote my book and speak at schools around the globe so children know they are not alone. So they know it is possible to move forward in life. That this challenge  is just for now and not for forever. I help them focus on what speaks to them.

It does not have to be martial arts or strength training. It can be dance , chess , basketball, running , acting and alike. If they can find that one thing and focus on that. They can move forward and beyond to their full potential.

Last October I performed a talk for  300 the 5 th and 6th graders at Robinson Middle school in Lowell Mass for Mrs Susan Macleod . It was fantastic! 

During my 1 hour talk I received this wave  of inspiration. I announced that our second edition , which due our in November 2016 and  has our anti bullying program and many other features, I would donate 300 books to all the children that attended.

Little did I realize that since I have a publisher now the books would cost me triple what I was paying for self published copies. This is the amount that you see that we need. We need $9 per book plus shipping for each student. To this point I have been completely self funded.

$9 x 300 = $2700 plus shipping.  My family simply can not afford this right now. 

My intention is to go back the week of June 5th  and present  again and personally sign all the 300 copies for the 5th and 6 th graders. We need to raise the funds by 5/30/17 so I can have the books in time. I would be indebted to all who can help and you will be making 300 children very happy.

Kevin Kearns

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