JUST SAY NO To Boring Workout Routines!
Get the Functional “REAL WORLD” Fitness, Strength and Physical Conditioning Of Elite MMA Fighters In A Fun and Dynamic Environment


Get It All Without Getting Hit!
100% Non-Contact, Super Effective Fun & Fitness!

MMA is the world’s fastest growing sport and MMA Fighters are the ultimate athletes. Beyond strength, speed and stamina, MMA fighters must have superior conditioning through power, quickness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility. In addition, throughout their training, the MMA Fighter must eliminate doubt and fear.

The mantra behind MMA Fighter Fit is that we all have a fighter inside ourselves waiting to get out. The mind controls the body. Taking control of this energy allows us to move the bounds of our limits beyond what is self imposed. It’s the ultimate real fighters’ workout class developed for fitness clubs!

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Mixed Martial Arts Fitness is not only for combat athletes, but ideal for those who participate in all sports and any individual seeking a challenging, engaging and variety packed workout that gets amazing results!

The MMA Fighter Group Class was developed by Coach Kevin Kearns, who has been at the forefront of developing conditioning programs for UFC fighters that achieve amazing results.Coach Kearns was named as one of the top conditioning coaches in the world by UFC Magazine.

Like authentic fighter training camps, MMA Fighter Fit incorporates physical and mental challenges. It represents some of the most intense training you can do other than get in the ring and face an opponent.

MMA Fighter Fit is unique in the following ways:

  • Burns up to 475 Calories in 17 minutes
  • Adaptable to any skill level and population
  • Workouts are always evolving – you are not doing the same workout release for 3 months
  • Uses existing equipment in innovative ways
  • Defines and tones your body in ways you could only dream of
  • Provides an endorphin release that feels utterly amazing!

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    Is MMA Fighter Fit Right For Me?

    MMA Fighter Fit is the perfect workout solution for anyone who is looking to skyrocket their overall health and fitness, getting better results in less time – and get the lean, toned physique of an MMA fighter – without actually having to get in the ring and fight!

    You do the workouts, you hit the pads… but you never get hit.

    In addition, the workout routines are constantly changing and we have a built in promotion system based on your personal achievement within the program. This means that you’ll avoid boredom and stay motivated over the long haul as you continue to meet and exceed new personal goals!

    And most important of all… YOU DON’T Already Have To Be In Shape To Get Started!

    This is a huge (but very common) misconception. Getting you in tip-top shape is what MMA Fighter Fit is all about. In fact, many of the clubs and gyms using MMA Fighter Fit report attracting new members who hadn’t exercised in years. People work at their own pace and see their fitness levels increase week after week, from wherever they start. MMA Fighter Fit, develops in participants an unstoppable, “fighting spirit” to make positive changes in their lives.

    Commit to Unleash the Fighter Inside You!

    Get Certified to be an MMA Fighter Fit Instructor Contact Us
    Bring MMA Fighter Fit to your Fitness Facility Contact Us

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