Program Testimonials

“Kevin and I have worked together for 20 plus years. His knowledge and skill in MMA conditioning is the best in the game and he understands how to bridge his work whether its for hard core athletes or the consumer. If you want “real MMA conditioning” for your clients and athletes, Kevin is your source. I highly recommend the Burn with Kearns’ MMA Fitness Trainer certification course for a one of a kind hands-on experience!”

Douglas Brooks, MS, – Director of Programming for both BOSU® and RealRyder® Cycling. In 2007, Douglas was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame

“Burn with Kearns” is a program for everyone with the promise of “getting fit without getting hit”. Kevin’s heart and mind have come together to provide an incredibly effective MMA style workout system to strengthen both body and mind. Kevin’s goal is winning the fight against obesity. He will continue to make top athletes better, but he will also inspire people of all abilities to be the best they can be.”

David Weck – Inventor of BOSU® and Creator of CoreFIST™

“The course allows personal trainers or fitness coaches to add a whole new dynamic to their client or group sessions and lets people get close to the fitness levels of elite pro fighters in a safe practical fun and challenging session with the biggest advantage being the rewards both the trainer and client will reap at the end of a session. I could go on all day about the BWK system I have used it successfully with private clients to pro fighters, fight teams to swim teams and they keep coming back for more.”

Brian Fernie – Owner/Director T.O.D Combat

“This is a must! If you are interested in fitness or a trainer of any kind this is for u. This certification opened a few doors for me on the fitness industry! There r a lot more to come but this certification started it all. The concepts are new and fun. When fitness is fun everyone wants to do it!”

Douglas Wilson

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Coach Kearns for several years and I am a graduate of his MMA Fitness Certification. When it comes to Martial Arts Fitness, I have learned so much practical knowledge and so many functional drills from him. If you have “Burned With Kearns” yet, what are you waiting for? You will learn a ton, and have fun in the process.”

Kyoshi Dave Kovar

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