• At our first annual NYU Fight Medicine Conference, we had the honor andjazrawi-headshot privilege of working with coach Kevin Kearns and UFC veteran coach Marcus Davis. They were our key note speakers and did not disappoint. Coach Kearns brought an array of his equipment such as a fitness trampoline, bands, Bosu, and sledge hammers and invited volunteers to participate in a true circuit exercise routine! It was fun, entertaining, informative and completely original. Both gentlemen were articulate and had a wealth knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend them for any conference in the combat sport world as their information easily translates to many different areas.

    Dr. Jazrawi
  • Kevin Kearns is a local and national leader who I contracted to work with my Cadets in July of 2016. L.E.A.P. Cadets is a program for students ages 12-18 who are interested in law enforcement, military, or emergency services. I asked Kevin if he would be interested in working with the Cadets, teaching them defensive tactics. Kevin jumped at the opportunity to help, saying, “tell me where and when!” He arrived with the same enthusiasm he had on the phone, and provided a high energy two-hour class for the Cadets. Kevin’s style provides more than self-defense tactics; he offers life lessons in confidence and personal responsibility. One of our Cadets was so impressed by Kevin, he personally reached out to him for further advice. Kevin was kind of enough to make the connection with this young student, and even sent him copies of his book “Always Picked Last.” The most important aspect of the L.E.A.P. Program is connection with kids, and Kevin did this with such ease. I was so impressed and grateful for this most unexpected outcome. Kevin has also been instrumental with regards to my work with kids in the areas of personal protection. L.E.A.P. strives to offer real-life (scenario based) self-defense techniques in each of our programs. As a consultant, Kevin is able to bring his years of experience in worldwide martial arts training, and provide valuable information as to “what works.” He has certainly become an invaluable resource. Kevin, thank you for your strong work, kindness, and willingness to help kids! You embody all of the L.E.A.P. values, and more! IMG_6856

    Coach Kevin Kearns with officers Michelle Palladini and officer Farah gray at Norfolk cadet's program this summer

    Michelle Palladini L.E.A.P Program Founder/CEO, Detective/School Resource Officer: Norfolk Police Department
  • IMG_6827Coach Kearns working with officers Michelle Palladini and Farah Gray at Norfolk cadet program. 

  • IMG_5553Aiden attended the Norfolk Cadet program where he met and trained with coach Kearns. He was quite excited to receive his burn with Kearns t shirt and signed copy of coach's anti bullying book " always picked last.

  • Kevin is an energetic, motivated and passionate fitness professional committed to teach a better way to fitness. Not only he is a great coach but also a great fitness writer. He can take complex fitness concepts and simplify it for the benefit of his readers.

    Jorge Bonnet Founder Purmotion
  • As a USAF Phoenix Raven we’re always on the go all over the world but still need to maintain a high level of fitness. With the Burn with Kearns program being very functional and able to be conducted in any environment, the program is just the right fit for our high ops tempo life style. Training heavily in hand to hand combat Coach Kearns program design of fighter fitness easily fits into our regimen. The benefits of the Burn with Kearns program are endless and Coach Kearns’ knowledge and application of fitness is unparalleled in my opinion. Thank you Coach for all your help, it is much appreciated!

    TSGT James Burns
    TSGT James Burns USAF Phoenix RAVEN 1818
  • My name is Garrett O’Keefe, and I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. I want to first say thank you Kevin Kearns for all you have done for my guys and I. A little background first, I have 8 Soldiers who work directly for me. I got in contact with Kevin while deployed to Iraq in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom VII. He was excited to help us out and sent a Burn with Kearns fit pack for all my guys a total of 9. He also sent us his basement tapes and bands. Along with this we stayed in touch and he supplied support and guidance to us through email. After using his fit pack and basement tapes my squads Physical Fitness test which consist of 2 minutes of push ups, 2 minutes of sit ups, and a 2 mile run. My squads score improved from a 222 average to a 286 average in 4 months. We continued to use his techniques and fit pack when we returned to the United States. My squads last PT test resulted in 6 of us out of 9 maxing the test with scores over a 300 (total of all 3 events) and everyone was able to do 15 pull ups or more. I continue to use the fit pack and basement tapes and my over all strength and conditioning are better than I have ever seen it. I recommend this program to everyone, from the stay at home mom to exercise gurus, to those that want to improve in the martial arts or MMA world. I also recommend this to all Military Leaders as it brings a new variety of exercises to the unit, preventing boredom. Once again Thank You Kevin.

    SSG Garrett O’Keefe
    SSG Garrett O’Keefe United States Army
  • Now that the marathon’s over, I just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to you. You helped me get through some of the weird injuries, and your program was an excellent cross-training maneuver that kept me in great shape without running hundreds of miles, and thus worsening the injuries. I was very happy with my marathon finish time, and I just want you to know that you had a part in that, keeping me healthy and energized. I am grateful!

    Kelsey Doran
    Kelsey Doran
  • During my time in the United States Marine Corps I have been through immense amounts of conditioning training. Burns with Kearns is second to none and is highly effective. As a coach, Kevin is highly motivating and caters to individuals at all levels of fitness. Last week I ran my USMC Physical Fitness Test which consisted of a 3 mile run, 20 pull ups(max), and 100 sit ups in a minutes. Thanks to effective conditioning Burns with Kearns has provided I shaved off over a minute and a half on my 3 mile run time, maxed out 20 dead hang pull ups, and hit the mark on 100 sit ups! Thanks Coach for keeping me motivated and keeping me fit. Semper Fi!

    Patrick Foley Grid Project Manager - Granite
  • Coach visited our school and spoke to all of the children about how to believe in themselves and how to stand up to bullies.

    He spoke with real passion and enthusiasm. He had all of the children hooked! He uses real life examples that the children can relate to and quickly gets them involved through interactive responses and questioning. His message is simple – easily recalled with simple language the children can remember and use to their advantage.

    The children talked about him for many months after his visit and we still refer to some of his messages when talking to children in school when they are experiencing difficulties.

    I would highly recommend him. He has the knack of engaging the children with his very genuine and caring approach.

    Elisabeth Lee Head Teacher, Myton Park Primary School
  • Flying across the country to attend IDEA World Fitness convention was a big decision for us/our business, my wife Beth and I run our own personal training and health coaching company, but with big risk come big rewards. That big reward (Coach Kevin Kearns) came wrapped in a high energy, authentic leader with quick smile and engaging Boston “way”… I say “way” instead of just accent, because being from Boston means more than making your “R’s” sound like “ah’s” and exchanging the term “wicked” where others might use “great.” For example, we met as Kevin politely held the door rather than let it slap back on us as Beth and I exited the hotel in the EARLY am on our way to Starbucks. It was clear we were all headed the same way and a conversation ensued and continued, as the line was long, as you would imagine it would be at the world’s largest fitness and wellness convention. Kevin was “pumped” exploding with a contagious energy, Beth actually asked him if it was safe for him to drink caffeine LOL … but energy without depth is just a flash, Kevin was engaging us with a real depth of understanding of the struggles faced by many clients (our business focuses on specialized population) – not what you would expect from one of UFC Magazine’s Top 10 MMA Coaches.

    Here is what I mean by the Boston “way”, as we were clearly all hitting it off, Kevin a featured and experienced presenter and us small company of two, he says to me, “let me see your phone for a second” and then he enters his name and number in it and says “this is my personal cell and I don’t give it out to everybody – I feel a connection and I am here to help you… and where I come from in Boston, that means we are like family – you need me, you just ask.” The Boston way… more than an accent.

    We were already signed up for his MMA Warrior Workout and having experienced Kevin’s energy at Starbucks we knew the workshop workout would be amazing and it was. Lot’s of workshops are energized and fun, but Kevin’s gave us some outstanding moves and uses for the BOSU, one of our favorite training tools. He was able to program (and modify) fight training w/ no contact, which results in empowerment and fitness. At Beth’s Boot Camp (women only) they still simultaneously groan and cheer when she breaks out “BOSU Monkey Slams.” As I mentioned we used BOSU, as one of our main tools – we had two. Kevin blew our minds with what we learned from him and upon returning to Florida we immediately purchased 18 more - we are the only Boot Camp around where every person has their own BOSU!

    Let’s get to the real difference maker here… you say, sure lots of people talk a big game and give out their phone numbers, but then what? Yea, I agree… I hear what people SAY, but I listen to what people DO… and Kevin has spent the last year sharing knowledge with us, responding to questions – reaching out to us proactively, following up when he says he will do something and being a friend and mentor. Sometimes giving someone a little guidance and encouragement can make a huge difference.

    Since meeting Kevin our business, FullestLiving.com, which consists of Beth’s Boot Camp & our physician endorsed program “30 Seconds to Victory” (helping people who must lose 100 pounds or more) has been featured not only locally on TV and in The Florida Times Union, but also in SHAPE, IDEA Fitness Journal, CNN, everyday Health and more.

    Lee & Beth Jordan Lee Jordan, ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach
  • Coach Kearns visited our academy along with Shihan Scott O’Keefe in the early part of the autumn term; the visit coincided with the beginning of the last year of compulsory education for our Year 11 students and their preparations for their final exams in the summer of 2015.

    Coach led an inspirational assembly for our 275 Year 11 students and, as I have found in all of my interactions with him, spoke with true passion and real enthusiasm. Coach Kearns used numerous of his past experiences to illustrate very simple but powerful messages about goal setting, commitment and resilience; qualities and skills our 15 and 16 year olds need in abundance in this crucial year and beyond.

    The tone of the assembly effectively complimented our key messages to our students and was delivered in Coach’s unique and inimitable style. Such was the success of his talk that we have invited Coach back to our academy when he next visits the UK in March and also hope to enable him to share his message with several of our partner schools and academies.

    I would highly recommend Coach Kearns and am confident that all young people, irrespective of age or background would value the opportunity of listening to him speak.

    Danny Yates Vice – Principal (Curriculum & Achievement)
  • I have been working with coach Kerns for a little over two months, I have improved my diet, lost weight, gained strength and energy. His work outs are fun, safe and very challenging. He has given me numerous suggestions to improve my nutrition including cooking me healthy meals. When he first mentioned that he was going to cook for me I had my doubts. I was pleasantly surprised, not only is his cooking healthy it is delicious! I look forward to his home cooked meals!

    Bob Allen SVP Customer Service Granitenet
  • 49 year old active male, that is an office worker sitting down most of the day: I have been working out with Kevin Kearns for 5 months. Kevin works with me five hours per week and also serves as a part time personal chef and full time advisor on anything related to my health. When I started out I had flexibility issues in my hip that were directly related to range of motion from sitting too long during my commute home and in my daily work life. Despite being active in workouts I was not completely healthy. Today I have lost twelve pounds and have full range of motion in my hip and the rest of my body. I am lighter but stronger; documented when on an off day from Kevin I did my old workout. I have more energy to start the day and more energy to end my days too. The workouts are an absolute blast. The small group we train in never stops joking and the workouts are always challenging. I am stronger, faster, leaner, happier, more balanced, more flexible and very grateful for working with Kevin.

    Mark Cameron
  • I am Mark Ward from Pembroke MA – and have been working out on the BWK programs for almost 5 mos – I highly recommend this type of training for anyone- He demonstrates a high quality of intense work outs and the work outs definitely provide results – He knows what he is doing and has a high knowledge base on MMA fitness and conditioning and delivers a type of fitness that is fun. It has built confidence and self-esteem for me personally. He is true professional and his training advise is rock solid.

    Mark Ward
  • I've lost 45 pounds in 8 weeks working with Coach Kevin. He motivates and inspires like no other trainer I've ever used. His system mixes it up so you never get bored and want to come back for more. You would think that losing the weight is enough from a coach, but Kevin sends motivational articles and diet tips as well. It truly is a complete life changing program. Plus he dives right in and cooks for our team as well to keep us on track. Burn With Kearns truly has the full approach to fitness and wellness

    Chris Chapin SVP CIO Granitenet

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