Month: November 2017

Old School Meets New School

Kevin Kearns presents Caveman Training in the modern day. Follow this easy conditioning program and you’ll be ready to take down that mammoth of a work out!¬†Check this out! for a printable sheet!

Always Picked Last

Coach Kevin Kearns visits students at Boston’s McKinley Academy who are studying his book “Always Picked Last”. Help us help the kids! Always Picked Last Movie Pre-Production Kevin Kearns autobiographical Always Picked Last a story of conquering bullying is becoming a movie!

Train by Age

This multi-step program to help you train by your age. Learn what it takes to get and stay in shape.¬† Find out how Coach Kearns can train you no matter your age. Follow these simple steps to get the body you’re work so hard to get. Check This Out! and learn more at TRAINMAG.COM

Meet Kevin Kearns

I lost my father when I was 12. He was 48 and died of alcoholism. He was a functional alcoholic, and my world was tipped upside down. Kevin’s uncle encouraged him to pursue martial arts and paid for part of his enrollment in karate school. The death of his father and the discovery of martial […]

Magazine Contributors

Check This Out! Kevin is a contributor to HWRK Magazine. Writing many articles to help educate you in the best ways to stay in shape. Check out HWRK!

Health Break: Part 2

Check This Out! Stuck at the office or home? You can do these work outs to easily stay in shape! Even if you can’t get to the gym you know there’s no off season to fitness! These work outs easily targets; Shoulder, Buffalo Wings, Lower Back, Stomach, Bum and your Legs!