About Us


Burn with Kearns was founded in 2004 by Kevin Kearns to bring innovative fitness training methods and philosophies that were developed and refined in the Boston area to audiences worldwide. At the same time, the company continues to have an active personal training and corporate wellness presence in the Boston Area.

The strategic direction for Burn with Kearns focuses on generating the best fitness content, individual & group programming and affiliate training services possible. We foster innovation by embracing creative ideas, collaborating with partners and utilizing technology.

To further leverage its content, Burn with Kearns is developing several online educational and training initiatives for fitness professionals and consumers. One early initiative was an online viewing platform, which allowed instant access to of all its DVD products.

Our current geographic focus is in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Burn with Kearns is committed to expanding into new markets around the world, including Asia and South America.

Our programs are geared for a broad cross section of individuals, who seek to achieve ambitious fitness and wellness goals in the most efficient and natural means possible. Thus, the company’s mantra: More Fitness, Less Time, Better Results.


Burn with Kearns has forged educational, product and programming collaborations with educational entities and companies throughout the world. The resulting platform is a dynamic combination of people, ideas, and programs dedicated to enhancing the world’s well-being.

Notable achievements of Burn with Kearns’ include developing the firstMMA Fitness Training DVD seriesadapted for mainstream audiences, being selected to present educational sessions at IDEA World Conventions and creating an MMA Fitness Trainer Certification Programfor fitness instructors.

ShopBurnwithKearns is the ecommerce entity of Burn with Kearns, selling the company’s content and selected partner products.

Burn with Kearns is also active with promoting healthy kids through itsKids Growing Up Strong program.