Professional Development for Personal Trainers

For trainers who have already taken the MMA Fitness Trainer Course, Burn with Kearns’ offers opportunities to continue to advance your professional development. Accordingly, you are invited to become a member of our Affiliated Trainer program.

For those trainers who are not participating in the Affiliated Trainer program and who need to renew their MMA Fitness Trainer certification, you will receive a 50% discount on the MMA Fitness Trainer Course (see below). The MMA Fitness Trainer course is continually evolving, so you will benefit from learning new protocols and programming.

Burn with Kearns Affiliated Trainer Program

Burn with Kearns’ Trainers learn cutting edge fitness programs, enhance their professional development and improve their business opportunities. By becoming a Burn with Kearns affiliated trainer you will receive:


  • Free Re certification on the MMA Fitness Trainer Levels 1 & 2 Certification when your certification expires
  • Discounts on fitness equipment that you can resell
  • Monthly lesson plans emailed to you
  • New viewable content only for affiliates
  • Business coaching from Coach Kearns
  • Become a Burn with Kearns’ Master Trainer and earn up to 65% when you run a MMA Fitness Trainer Level 1 or 2 certification
  • Biweekly conference calls with the Burn with Kearns’ team and Coach Kearns

Become a Burn with Kearns Affiliated Trainer Sign Up Now – 2 Convenient Payment Options

Pay Monthly (subscribe) – $39 per month, for 12 months

  or $395 for 1 Year (paid in full)

For more information on the Burn with Kearns’ Affiliated Trainer Program Contact Us

MMA Fitness Trainer Certification Renewal

As an MMA Fitness Trainer you can renew your certification and enjoy a 50% discount on the course fee (your trainer rate is $200). You can take the course at any location listed here. Please list your desired location in the Training Location box below.

Training Location

“I recently had the opportunity to take a class with Kevin Kearns at the ECA FItness Convention in New York CIty. It was his MMA Boot camp with rebounders and it was my favorite class I had the opportunity to take part in during the convention. Kevin’s class was both innovative and physically challenging. There was an electric spirit among the participants of the class and Kevin’s energy could not be matched. I am looking forward to becoming a certified Burn with Kearn’s instructor in the future. My students will love it!!”
Lisa Charles
Personal Trainer, New York