MMA Fitness Training

Learn and Experience High Intensity Interval Training That is Effective and Safe


Burn with Kearns is bringing MMA inspired fitness training and MMA Workouts to the mainstream. In this program, you will learn directly from Coach Kearns and his certified coaches. Coach Kearns is a recognized fitness and martial arts pioneer in developing cutting edge Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) strength and conditioning training programs that provide a complete advantage – physical, mental and spiritual. Most importantly, these High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are safe.

Coach Kearns has taken his training programs originally developed for UFC Fighters and adapted them for group training classes (MMA Fighter Fit) and personal training clients.

In recognition of these efforts, UFC Fit Magazine named Coach Kearns as one of the top MMA Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the world and IDEA recognized Coach Kearns as an all star presenter at their 2013 World Fitness Convention.

Why MMA Fitness is Becoming Mainstream:

✔ Demonstrated results at professional and college level
✔ Adds the fun element to High Intensity Interval Training
✔ A wide range of movements and equipment adaptations can be used
✔ Entire body is trained through complete and a wide variety of motions
✔ The caloric burn is very high
✔ Enhances recovery from injuries
✔ Requires only 30 minutes per workout
✔ Everybody has a fighter inside them!

ACE CECs are now provided for the Level 1 Training Course. Burn with Kearns is in the process of getting the Level 2 Course approved for CECs as well. CanFitpro CECs for Level 1 & 2 are also awarded.

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The MMA Fitness Trainer program has an emphasis on “learning by doing. The course is 75% practical and 25% lecture. The practical sessions are highly interactive. Key topics include:

  • How to Conduct a Personalized Evaluation
  • Warm-up Techniques That Really Matter
  • Flexibility in a Multidimensional World
  • Strength Training Protocols
  • New Approaches to Achieve Explosive Power
  • Putting and Maintaining Gas in the Tank
  • Partner Drills That Motivate, Challenge and Burn
  • Cooling Down for Injury Prevention
  • Developing Training Programs that Optimize Results
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Management
  • Adapting The Principles of the Burn with Kearns MMA Training System to Various Populations
  • Establishing the Foundation of Strength for Improved Performance
  • Pushing your clients with stability & balance challenges, cardio circuits, core & strength training, and plyometric workouts utilizing rebounding
  • Innovative ways to incorporate the BOSU® Balance Trainer
Hear what the editor and Chief of one one top fitness magazines has to say about the Burn with Kearns system`
“As The editor and chief of train magazine I see a lot of fitness programs come and go.
Coach Kevin Kearns has put together a complete comprehensive system that takes the athlete or client from to top levels of fitness.
Even though this system` was originally for mma and martial arts he has adapted it for other sports and general population.
Any trainer or martial arts school owner would benefit from this course whether it’s live or online.
The content is solid and easy to digest.
It’s a must have if you are serious about training and business.”
Hear what mitt master Matthew Chapman has to say about my courses
“I’ve been a fan of Coach Kearns since the 90’s when I used some of his awesome protocol’s to prepare for (and win) MMA fights. Recently I got to check out his new online platform and absolutely loved it. The platform is quick and easy to use and it’s great to be able to learn online on any device, at any time. If you are serious about fitness and conditioning you should check it out.”
Highly recommended!
Mitt master matt
Marcus Davis 
15 Time UFC Vet
Former professional boxer, kickboxer and MMA fighter.
Former coach of UFC vets Tim Sylvia, Tim Boetsch and Emily Kagan.
Certified trainer under Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts. Current biomechanic specialist, PT and nutritionist at Core Results and Tapout Fitness in Raleigh, NC
Kevin was my strength and conditioning coach through my UFC career. After retiring years ago I went through Kevin’s original certification program and used his methods to help train my athletes I was working with. Regardless of your goals Kevin’s program will work for everyone because it is based on functional movement patterns and moving through all three energy systems. You will work, activate, your fast twitch. Build endurance and fight through your Anaerobic Lactic system and build the ability to slow down that lactic acid build up. You also have the ability to modify by adding more weight barring in your movements in shorter times for power or less for longer periods to build strength. Versatile, effective, efficient and fun is a good way to describe the Burn with Kearns method.

Overviews of MMA Fitness Trainer Course 1 and Course 2

MMA Fitness Trainer Certification is Recommended for:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Instructors
  • Sports Conditioning Professionals
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Facility Owners and Managers
  • Program Directors
  • Serious Recreational Athletes
  • Martial Arts Students and Instructors

Burn with Kearns’ Affiliate Network

Burn with Kearns trains personal trainers and staff at fitness clubs and martial arts studios throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom in a continuing and formalized basis.

All travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the attendees. Kevin Kearns inc assumes no responsibility for incurred travel expenses by attendees on current , future or reschedule courses. Courses are subject to change.

“ Now you can get certified online !”