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“Met big Mike at the 2013 Idea Fitness World Trade Show. Obviously he stood out in my workshop. No one else is my height like him and I”

“You are stronger than you think you are” is what I tell my clients.

Coach Kearns

Burn with Kearns – Founder

“Boxing at 86!”

A former Tennis pro at 86 hitting the pads! Anyone at any age can benefit from MMA Fitness Conditioning. IMHO we need to stop treating people as “fragile” all the time.

Geoff Harvey

BWK Client

An incredible warming testimonial

I’ve worked with Coach Kearns for over a decade and I have to say there is no fitness professional more diligent, punctual and giving as him. And believe me, I’ve worked with dozens!

He’s incredibly knowledgable about all things fitness and nutrition, from working with those competing at the highest level in sports, to being able to break training and fitness down for the layman also.

Kevin has contributed in magazines I have edited throughout our relationship, both professional sports titles and, currently, an Education magazine that goes out to over 200,000 teachers in the UK each semester. I receive feedback all the time from educators who use Kevin’s articles in lessons with the class.

He’s editor-at-large of the Health Section:

Right now, I’m also training with kevin 2/3 times per week over Zoom, transatlantic training, and take it from someone who has also trained their entire lives, his sessions are tough but also fresh, taxing and always enjoyable.

You really couldn’t find a better coach with a better life story.

Nick Peet, Writer, Broadcaster & Media Consultant

I have been fit my entirely life and have never looked forward to a work out. Coach Kearns has made working out fun and I look forward to my workouts. Never thought there were so many ways to exercise that agree with my body. My only regret is that I did not hire Coach Kearns when I met him several years ago.
Wholeheartedly endorse Coach Kearns. Kevin is the complete package of physical fitness, cardio, nutrition, flexibility and coordination training.
My name is Greg, and I am 47 years old, and for the past 20 years or so, I have trained pretty much the same way.  My past training regimen mainly included lifting heavier weight for low reps and very little cardio.  I’ve noticed over the years that my joints are increasingly becoming more and more sore from the type of weight training that I was doing and was beginning to feel like I needed to find a different type of workout; one that was less damaging to my body while increasing my cardiovascular endurance.  I am also a recreational hockey player, playing 1 to 2 nights a week and find myself very fatigued during my games, which is another reason why I wanted to find a training that would help increase my overall endurance.  
In the summer of 2020, a colleague and I heard about Kevin and we were soon introduced to him.  While speaking with Kevin, he explained the ideology and science behind his training, so my colleague and I decided to give it a try.  Kevin’s workouts proved to be very intense, both physically and cardiovascularly, with using little to no weights.  We started off training with Kevin 2 times a week and soon jumped up to 3 times a week, and just after a week or so of training with Kevin, I noticed a considerable difference in my stamina on the ice as well as an increase in core strength that I never had before.  In my opinion, what made the difference for me was that Kevin pushes you past the point of fatigue and encourages you to find the inner strength to push on; something a person normally wouldn’t do if they were training themselves.
My advice to anyone reading this is to really take a hard look at the type of training you are doing and ask yourself: am I helping my body or hurting it?  And if your story sounds a little bit like mine, reach out to Kevin and give him a try. 
Greg Landry,