Michelle Palladini


Michelle Palladini

Law enforcement Public school programming advisor


Throughout my years of service as a police officer, I have discovered a pattern in my calls for service. I have encountered a number of adults who cannot manage their emotional states (anger, anxiety, or sadness). Lacking these emotional skills often results in risky (and sometimes criminal) behaviors, mental health concerns and/or substance abuse. Research shows that adult mental health issues begin in childhood. Our children need to be learning emotional self-regulation as it’s of vital importance to their resiliency.

I began thinking about ways that police officers could approach the subject of effective skill building through their interactions with children. Juvenile Officers have a unique opportunity to truly support children, aiding in their personal growth and success.
It is my mission to educate other Police Officers in the L.E.A.P. Method, as it’s quickly become a framework for effective school based policing. L.E.A.P. is teaching Officers ways to work within their community, building relationships with parents, teachers and outside agencies to support the student.
L.E.A.P. is working to empower School Resource Officers to approach the position mindfully, and with a great deal of compassion for our young people who face so many developmental, educational and societal challenges. When we build relationships, we build bridges between the public and the police.