Tony Rice Northern


Tony Rice Northern

UK Director


Tony Rice is owner and chief instructor of Yarm Martial Arts Academy and director of MA Fitness in the United Kingdom. Tony has been training in the martial arts for over thirty years, including shukukai Karate, Kickboxing, Choi Kwang do, and is training in escrima, Kali, and urban combat.

Tony became Master trainer with coach in September 2014. Tony’s knowledge comes from many years of training adults and children, in various physical exercise and training regimes.

Tony has hosted Coach Kearns at his academy on many occasions building the Burn with Kearns’ instructors in the UK, and working with Kevin closely is trying to develop the BWK brand across the UK. Tony became Northern UK area director to for Burn With Kearns in 2014.

Tony as many clients which he and his staff deal with on a semi personal and personal basis.