Burn With Kearns Corporate Welllness or better known as “Team Training” is a great approach for any company looking to improve the health and wellness of their employees.

Some of our Clients Include  

With our cuttting edge and mobile approach on site fitness we have the ability bring fitness to you.

What is Team Personal Training?

Team personal training is all the benefits of one to one PT with a more affordable price for all.

Benefits & Deliverables

  • Qualified trainer with over 25 years in fitness field maximizes overall health
  • Injury free workouts and previous injury management during training
  • Client medical conditions monitored & in-workout adjustments are made
  • Monitoring of each client’s needs and goals
  • On site fitness testing for each employee that joins the team
  • Proper technique and education for all team members before, during and after
  • Granite Fitness Team Weekly Newsletter to cover food & diet, total health and weekend workout ideas
  • Wide range of Team training programing e.g. golf, running, tennis, skiing, etc.
  • Access to Burn with Kearns Client Workouts for home and road workouts
  • Alert to “ pulse “ of both what individuals need and want for team training
  • Updated on going programming to keep sessions fresh
  • Ability to screen and educate assitant quality trainers as needed
  • Ability to stay up to date with new programming and market trends for the team
  • Screening of and recommendations with any team members health issues
  • Screening of new equipment and training techniques that will benefit training

Classes can be geared specifically to

  • MMA Fighter Fit “ Get Fit Without Getting Hit “ (Current)
  • Mitt Master – Real World Fitness Boxing Class
  • Muay Thai Warriors – Real World Kickboxing Class
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Lunch and Learns – Combination of fitness and nutritional programming
  • Pre-season Golf
  • Pre-season Tennis
  • Pre-season Skiing

Marcus Davis comes to with coach Kearns

First ever corporate MMA Fitness Workshop at Granite telecom with UFC legend Marcus Davis and strength coach Kevin Kearns.

Granite Fitness

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Working with Coach Kearns over the past 5 months has helped recondition many aspects of my life from body to mind. Although my pants size has shrunk my confidence has grown. The Burn with Kearns program has helped convert stress to self-assurance. The benefits of training with Coach Kearns has been validated in many different ways. Whether it is an observation from a coworker regarding a more relaxed teammate or my wife complimenting my build, I tend to walk with my head held a little higher, never forgetting a fundamental rule of the Burn with Kearns program… leave the ego at the door.

Tony D’Ambrosio
Customer Relations
Granite Telecommunications

I have been going to burn with Kearns for just under 3 months. As of this morning, I have lost 25 pounds! I have not been this strong in years and I have never been as flexible as I am today. It doesn’t matter if you are a begginer, have a minor injury, or worried what others think. Kearns runs the group as a team and shows you modifiers to keep you involved. If you’re looking to improve your mobility, strength or overall physical appearance, join Burn with Kearns! We like it, we love it! We want more of it!

Don Ball

I have been working out for years. I’ve run multiple marathon and triathlons, and I’ve taken every boot camp there is out there. I recently started taking MMA classes with Coach Kearns and I am hooked. This workout is like non other. He makes MMA training accessible to all fitness levels. Whether you have never put on a boxing gloves (that’s me) or have been doing it for years, Coach Kearns style is informational, fun, and a hell of a workout! If I could multiple him and give him to all my friends as a fitness coach I would!

Maureen Murphy

A little over a year ago my wife asked a dear friend in the fitness business to help her find me a trainer before I ended up dead. Dramatic but true; I am a cardiac patient, I have a high stress job with a demanding schedule, I need to lose weight, I was an athlete and now I‘m bored with the prototypical trainer experience which I’ve tried numerous times in the past with limited sustainable success.

Enter Coach Kearns. I explained my history, my desire to lose weight, to get my wind back for an upcoming dive trip and to find a sustainable program that would keep me engaged and enthusiastic about getting up at 4:30AM to go and work out so it wouldn’t interfere with my business day. I half expected him to walk out of my office. Instead he informed me that he was in no uncertain terms my man; my goals were now his goals, he would push and pull to us to succeed, we would meet and exceed my expectations and it would not be boring.

Coach Kevin has delivered. His mix of muay Thai, traditional boxing, Pilipino Kali, MMA, and traditional & non-traditional calisthenics with some cool toys have kept things lively and interesting. For those of you who have high stress levels, Coach Kevin’s techniques provide a welcome release while keeping you mindful of the art & style necessary to improve in these disciplines. I’m 25 pounds lighter, I passed my most recent stress test with flying colors, I can do three minute rounds, I use a whole lot less air on my diving trips and I’m much calmer at work. Truly, Coach Kevin has improved my quality of life and continues to help me extend my longevity.

Patrick C. Joyce
Head of Global Restructuring Group at Citizens Bank

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