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Burn with Kearns’ personal trainers provide personal training and wellness services to a diverse range of individuals in the Greater Boston area. Our client base includes: professional athletes, entrepreneurs, working mothers, medical professionals, student athletes and retired persons.

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Training with Kevin Kearns helped me achieve my goals. I decided to get a personal trainer because I had no energy or strength … and yes, I wanted to lose weight. After training with Kevin, I was fit, lean, and got my much needed vitality and energy. I lost some weight as well without changing much of my diet. Kevin is a dedicated, incredibly knowledgeable professional. I came into it with a knee injury, his knowledge and familiarity with managing sports injury was an asset. He taught me how to avoid re-injury. He instilled confidence and encouraged me to do my best, which helped me achieve results. With a positive and pleasant nature, Kevin makes it fun while you are sweating and working your heart out. He listened, understood what my needs were and knew exactly how to get my body into shape!
I have been extremely happy with my results.
Thank you Mr. Kearns!

Marie Vrakking

I am a division I hockey player committed to Boston University in the fall. I have been training with Kevin Kearns during my off season for the past two summers. I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength, conditioning and more importantly my confidence. I was knocked unconscious during a hockey game last fall with a blindsided hit to my jaw. I was determined to work with Kevin this past summer to learn how to protect my myself so as not to have a repeat head injury. Kevin taught me every move imaginable for every kind of scenario I could be faced with both on and off the ice. Working with Kevin has more than prepared me to face future opponents. Working with Kevin is not just about preparing for a fight, it is about strength, agility and conditioning. I was headed down to Philadelphia for the 2014 NHL draft and Kevin made sure I was prepared for rookie camp, focusing on my conditioning and ability to defend himself should I be faced with a fight. I was more than well prepared for the camp and went into it with the confidence I needed knowing I had been well trained and was mentally ready to take on any challenge that I encountered. Kevin has prepared me for the physical challenge of performing at the highest level of hockey imaginable. I consider Kevin not just a coach, but a mentor who I can call no matter what the situation and he will walk me through it. He has taught me about mental toughness in sports and how to work through stressful situations. Kevin is an outstanding trainer, coach and mentor who has played a significant role in my development as an athlete and person and would highly recommend him to any one who is ready for the next level.

 Johnny Macleod


I am a ski racer competing in the most competitive state in America for my age division, Vermont. It can be as cold as -50 with wind-chill. Most kids start ski racing when they are six or seven, I started a year ago when I was fifteen. I have skied since I was three, but never in the gates. Coming into this sport late did not help my confidence. I knew I had a lot to catch up on, but I was ready for the challenge. If I wanted to keep up with half of these kids I knew I would have to get in better shape. I have known Kevin for four years, and he has given me the confidence that I need on and off the hill to ski race competitively. Ski racing requires physical and mental strength. Kevin has helped me grown stronger physically by pushing me to my limits in workouts. He has helped me acquire mental strength by teaching me I can do anything I want to do if I give it 100%. Today I compete at a completive level and continue to improve.

 Diana Healy

I have been working with Kevin for more than a year now. He is one of the hardest working, intelligent, thoughtful and resourceful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I first started working with him while I was a busy surgical fellow at MGH. Time was always short and trying to fit in an hour of exercise was a very difficult endeavor. Kevin however was ALWAYS available. He would work around my schedule and somehow find a place to park along the Charles and make it happen. His workouts were well rounded, innovative and he knew just how far to push me. Over the following months he worked extensively with my son as well. They became very good friends and he was and a good mentor to him.

I am very glad I met Kevin. He is more of a friend and personal coach rather than a physical trainer. His techniques work and he is always looking out for my interests as far as fitness and weight loss are concerned. Its indeed a pleasure to write this testimonial and will gladly refer him to anybody serious about getting fit and at any stage of their fitness journey.

Dr Paresh Mane

Thoracic surgeon

Marcus Davis
15 Time UFC Vet
Former professional boxer, kickboxer and MMA fighter.
Former coach of UFC vets Tim Sylvia, Tim Boetsch and Emily Kagan.
Certified trainer under Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts. Current biomechanic specialist, PT and nutritionist at Core Results and Tapout Fitness in Raleigh, NC
Kevin was my strength and conditioning coach through my UFC career. After retiring years ago I went through Kevin’s original certification program and used his methods to help train my athletes I was working with. Regardless of your goals Kevin’s program will work for everyone because it is based on functional movement patterns and moving through all three energy systems. You will work, activate, your fast twitch. Build endurance and fight through your Anaerobic Lactic system and build the ability to slow down that lactic acid build up. You also have the ability to modify by adding more weight barring in your movements in shorter times for power or less for longer periods to build strength. Versatile, effective, efficient and fun is a good way to describe the Burn with Kearns method.